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Future Life Inc offers government and commercial entities worldwide a revolutionary measuring and mapping technology called Face2Face. Face2Face is a tool that provides a biometric measure and analytical “window” into a person’s emotional and psychological state of being. These capabilities are applied to the fields of Behavioral Health, Force Readiness, Credibility Assessment, Human Resources for Talent to Task matching and others.


Department of Defense

Deception Detection:

The essential capability of our Face2Face software technology to determine whether someone is telling the truth or lying makes it a game changer in terms of reliability and universality. Face2Face has proven accurate 999 times out of 1000 when it comes to deception detection. Moreover new studies combined with upgrades in the Face2Face technology have only strengthened the flexibility and widened the application of Face2Face across every sector from Credibility Assessment to Force Readiness to Suicide Prevention.

Force Readiness:

Future Life’s Face2Face technology supports our military’s mission to maintain Force Readiness by making it possible to objectively measure the psychological, mental and emotional state of an individual when evaluating them for Personal Readiness.

By recording and analyzing an active duty service member, veteran or military family member’s emotional responses in real time, as well as incorporating data from past sessions, Face2Face provides a tool to proactively and longitudinally assess the state of being or level of emotional “wholeness” of any military service member including National Guard and Reserve from Enlistment through Separation.

Behavioral Health professionals and Human Resource personnel can utilize Face2Face in one sitting or map over time to gain better understanding of underlying issues and thus provide more focused course of action, as acceptable a part of military life as the annual physical. 

Veterans Affairs:

Future Life’s Face2Face technology provides VA Behavioral Health professionals, an objective measurement of issues that suppressed or hidden stress and invisible trauma is having on the lives of veterans and their family members. With veteran suicides still occurring at an unprecedented rate and mounting mental health case loads at VA hospitals and clinics, the Face2Face tool maps the emotional state of a patient enhancing diagnostic and treatment protocols.

Department of Veterans Affairs, Behavior Science Division, National Center for PTSD, Boston VA Healthcare System has cemented a collaboration between the Future Life and Veteran Affairs CRADA. This 2020 study is currently underway. This Face2Face Proof of Concept’s goal is to apply its mapping tool to PTSD Assessment by VA clinicians. Additional collaborations between US Army MEDCOM and Military Intelligence Assessment Programs are in the works.

Credibility Assessment:

For Human Resource personnel at local, state and government levels, Credibility Assessment is critical when hiring within the security sector.

Face2Face provides a measuring tool that supports and enhances traditional credibility assessment tools such as the polygraph test. Analysis of hard data applied to specially designed algorithms guarantees the clearest picture yet of the emotional and psychological state of an individual.

American University, Department of Psychology, Interpersonal Emotions Lab is currently working with Future Life, CCO, Dr. William d’Alelio on the Face2Face: Deception Detection and Face2Face: Prediction Analysis.

Contracting Vehicles

Federal and State Agencies and the Military Services can acquire Future Life’s Products and Services through:

  • Native American Tribal Owned
  • Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business - SDVOSB
  • Woman Owned Business - 8 (a)
  • Sub-contractor to Prime Contract Holder
  • Small Business Enterprise

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From hospitals to clinics to single and group practices, Behavioral Health Professionals can rely on Future Life’s Face2Face tool to provide a biometric measure and analytical “window” into a patient’s emotional and psychological state of being. The graphic “flow” of emotions offers a powerful visual of the patient’s emotional response to triggers whether images or words. Sharing the graphic flow chart grounded in hard data with the patient enhances the conversation as both clinician and patient are literally “on the same page”.

Remote Real Time Assessment for Therapeutic Care

The Face2Face technology makes it possible for Behavioral Health Professionals to assess and respond accordingly to in real time sessions with patients who are connected remotely through Internet tools such as Skype, Facetime and Whatsapp. From Veterans to First Responders or Civilians F2F gives Behavioral Health Professionals a powerful new tool enabling them to deliver appropriate, instantaneous, empathetic emotional healing.

How to Get Better at Reading People from Different Cultures

Body language varies from culture to culture, but microexpressions—very brief flashes of emotion across the face—are universal. So the ability to read them can be an effective tool for navigating cross-cultural situations. If you study the common ones, look for them in your counterparts, and effectively interpret them, you have a better chance of avoiding misunderstandings and building bridges with people from different parts of the world.

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National Suicide Prevention Hotline Number: 988