Future Life, Inc.


Face2Face software technology is a tool for Credibility Assessment of individuals who are seeking a position or already positioned in any work that requires security, trust and integrity of character. For example Face2Face could be used to assess the credibility of an individual who is running for office, applying for a law enforcement position, supplying security for individuals, buildings and companies, or applying for a position in government, especially in the areas of intelligence and justice. Face2Face technology is used for:

  • Credibility detection
  • Level of functioning
  • Deception detection

Internal Uses:

Security – modeling and measurement of Credibility Assessment for: EMS, Military, Law Enforcement, Insurance, Sales, Jury Selection or Medical to name but a few.

Face2Face gives Security HR managers a view into the front line readiness of their force. They spot people who are failing or poorly matched to task and they can spot people who are ready to be promoted.  

External Uses:

Face2Face gives Security HR managers the ability to measure and map the credibility of individuals before hiring as part of a standard application protocol. They are able to assess local, state and federal entities as well as private organizations.

National Security:

Face2Face is a significant complement to current programs deployed to ensure national security on all levels.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline Number: 988