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Mapping the Human Emotional Footprint

The mission of Future Life Inc is to pioneer technologies that provide a biometric measure and analytical map of a person’s emotional and psychological state of being for use in both federal and commercial markets. We see ourselves as the Rosetta Stone to a deeper look into the “wholeness” of the human being.


In these challenging times of global unknowns, Future Life Inc, a next generation internet based technology firm, wants to assure its customers and clients that we continue to deliver at 100% capability and capacity to meet their needs.


Leaders in the fields of behavioral health research, science and practice, software engineering, military and business committed to technology development of tools to map the human emotional footprint.


We leverage top talent and continuously improve our technology tools to deliver clear, dependable, efficient, reliable hard data measurements of the human emotional footprint critically applicable to Behavioral Health, Credibility Assessment, Force Readiness and Human Resources (matching talent to task) in both government and commercial sectors.

We keep a low overhead, flat organizational structure and maintain a collaborative culture to deliver, train and support all customers, commercial and federal in Face2Face technology.


To improve the detection of emotional wellness and emotional status in support of behavioral health, security, humane resource, and force-readiness professionals in every city and town in every nation around the globe.


Future Life was founded in 2012 with the mission of bringing objective measurement to behavioral health in order to confront the impact that suppressed or hidden stress and invisible trauma was having on the resiliency of military service members, both active duty and veterans. After several years of research, psychiatrists and software engineers created our breakthrough technology called Face2Face, which maps the emotional footprint of an individual.

What is most revolutionary about Face2Face is, that while it was developed as a behavioral health mapping tool to give clinicians insight into the degree of "wholeness" of an individual, specifically veterans with PTSD, as time went on we realized that the capabilities of this technology software are almost infinite. Face2Face is applicable to Force Readiness, Credibility assessment, Human Resources in both the federal and commercial sectors and much, much more.

A training course for Face2Face is now available.

Click here for an Executive Summary on Future Life, Inc, and Face2Face.

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