Future Life, Inc.


Department of Defense Face2Face Two Day Training Course with Interactive Lab

Is Future Life, Inc’s artificial intelligence tool, Face2Face, the Rosetta Stone for people’s deepest emotions? Is it the game-changing measuring tool that will help the Department of Defense behavioral health and human resource personnel maintain our military service members in a state of Personal Readiness?

Our two-day training course on Face2Face teaches the medical and technical underpinnings of how Face2Face was developed and is implemented with continuous engaging visual and case history support. This course is available both in the classroom (20 student maximum) and online.

Part One /Day One of the course is divided into ten lessons.
After each of the ten lessons, we’ve allotted discussion time to review key points and answer questions regarding how Face2Face enhances Force Readiness.

Part Two/Day Two is the Face2Face Interactive Lab. This is the “hands-on” part. It has six lessons with built in time for practicing with the Face2Face technology. The training manual for this course is in pdf format and can be downloaded with an assigned password. A hard copy manual is also provided.

For more information on the Department of Defense Two Day Training Course on Face2Face, please contact Mr. John Kristoff at 202-422-9500.